Long Road Home — Web Site Design

by Daniel Braha on February 15, 2010

The Long Road Home web site is designed to be an interactive compliment to the band’s printed CD packaging. The site utilizes jquery sliders and a custom music player. This web site hooks into several of the band’s preferred third party web services: ReverbNation.com (tour widget) & BigCartel.com (to sell t-shirts).

Enjoy the sliders: LongRoadHomeBluegrass.com

UPDATE 2/24/2010: We are honored to be added to onepagelove.com. The site’s mission statement: One Page Love showcases the best single page website designs on the web!


Trump University — Workbook Box Set

by Daniel Braha on February 10, 2010

Working in collaboration with Brandwithin, SOS Media designed this faux-gold stamped faux-snakeskin box set for Trump University. We also designed the interior workbook and the CD faces, photos available on request.


Kids Gold Jewelry Source — eCommerce Web Design

by Daniel Braha on February 8, 2010

SOS Media designed a website for the kids gold retailers KidsGoldJewelrySource.com. These retailers have been in the business of selling kids gold to major stores like Walmart and JCPenny for 20+ years. This is their first move into the online arena.

SOS Media developed a set of icons for each category of jewelry.


Architectural Design Consultants — Web Site Design

by Daniel Braha on December 12, 2009

Architectural Design Consultants — Web Site Design

Architectural Design Consultants wanted a portfolio site to showcase decades of their work. They wanted it to be spacious and structured like good architecture, but they wanted it to reflect the sense that the principals moonlight as Yoga teachers. A fusion of concrete and immortality.

Image Portfolio Design

We teamed up with Mr. Jones to implement a smooth jquery image portfolio.

If you’re in Miami and you need something fancy, be sure to look up Patty, Annabel and the rest of the team at: ArchitecturalDesignConsultants.net

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J-BAR-H Longhorn Ranch — Website Design

by Daniel Braha on October 21, 2009

J-BAR-H Longhorn Ranch — Identity & Website Design
A gritty logo and a descriptive web design give users the experience of Jim Hix’s J-BAR-H Longhorn Ranch. The content is all easy to navigate. Jim took all the photos himself with his new Flip HD.

Head on over and check out the site, ya hear! JBHLonghorns.com

UPDATE: A less gritty logo and a custom photo of Jim’s new Riding Steer, JR Rex.



Trump University — Interactive Dashboard Design

by Daniel Braha on August 19, 2009

Trump University Dashboard User Interface Design

SOS Media teamed up with Brandwithin to create an intuitive, interactive user experience for members of Trump University. This dashboard is designed to guide members to all areas of their extensive Trump University profile and link them to many valuable pieces of information relating to real estate and investing. For full functionality, well, you’ll have to ask the Donald ; )


Second Source — Web Site Design

by Daniel Braha on August 7, 2009

Second Source Web Site Design

Second Source, a new shop in Downtown Boulder sells new brand name apparel like Prana, New Balance, Camelbak, etc.for unbelievable prices. We set up a Twitter feed to plug in to the right column so the client could update the site with the latest store news.

This 1-page web site was designed, approved, built and launched in 4 days. The logo was designed by one of the owner’s brothers who is an architect. SecondSourceBoulder.com

Update 10/21/09: Second Source has now changed their name to Outdoor Outlet. SOS Media did a quick makeover, just adding the new logo and adjusting some colors. Here’s the updated site: Outdoor Outlet.com

Outdoor Outlet — Web Design


Jump Start Bridge — Web Site Design

by Daniel Braha on July 17, 2009


SOS Media designed, programmed and launched this web site for Jump Start Bridge. The site was written by Dree Hise, a life coach from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thanks to Tait Stangl for additional work on the navigation and for enhancing the site’s compatibility with older browsers.

The site was designed in Adobe Illustrator, optimized in Photoshop, then built in HTML and JavaScript. Blog functionality is coming in a few months, and will be run on the Wordpress platform.

See the Jump Start Bridge web site or, if you need some life coaching give Dree a call!